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ImpACT Giving

Where Industry Meets Impact Investing & Philanthropy

How we can support you

ImpACT Giving is a social impact marketplace that connects companies with valuable social initiatives. Our mission is to enable businesses to contribute to social and environmental causes by providing consultancy, impact measurement and reporting, and donor data management services to our clients. Our goal is to make social impact more accessible and effective for companies of all sizes and types.

Donating Food to Charity

Impact Giving

We curate impactful stories and insights through the pages of

Impact Giving Magazine.

Impact Giving

We facilitate networking and collaboration opportunities at

Impact Giving Events.

Impact Giving HUB
Matchmaking Platform

We foster meaningful connections and partnerships through the Impact Giving HUB, our Matchmaking Platform

Our mission:


We help companies to find the most suitable partners for donations, volunteering, employer branding and supply chain partnerships.

We enable local charities, social enterprises, and community initiatives to build strong partnerships with businesses, measure impact and write reports that are standardized and evidence-based.


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Our Framework: ACT





At ImpACT Giving, we believe that creating a positive social impact is crucial for both businesses and non-profit organizations. Our philosophy is rooted in the ACT framework: Assessing social impact, Collaborating with stakeholders, and Transforming organizations.


We work closely with our clients to identify their unique challenges and goals, and develop tailored solutions that drive measurable impact. Our approach is grounded in empathy, transparency, and a deep commitment to making the world a better place.


This is the difference we are making:

"Working with ImpACT Giving has been a game changer for our nonprofit. We have seen significant improvements in our fundraising capabilities and internal operations. Their team's expertise in strategic planning, fundraising, and capacity building has proven invaluable to our organization.

We highly recommend their services to any organization looking to make a meaningful difference in the world."

Marco Rossi

GreenLife Italia

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